Green roof systems


Extensive green roofs provide a light-weight, low maintenance, instant ‘green effect’ roof solution, and are the most common type of green roof we supply. Extensive green roofs are not usually intended for general public access, and are chosen mostly for their ecological benefits


Our semi-intensive green roof systems include a richer, deeper substrate and drainage solution compared to extensive roofs, enabling use of a wider range of complex plant mixtures. Semi-intensive roofs are generally used within highly visible area’s to improve aesthetic design using small shrubs, forbs, and grasses. They require a higher level of maintenance compared to extensive roofs, due to the vegetation, and substrates used.


Biodiverse roofs are used primarily for their ecological benefits. They contain a range of recycled materials including rubble, gravel, rubber, or logs to encourage habitation of wildlife such as bees, and small insects. These are sometimes referred to as ‘brown roofs’. They help to support the environment, and can be seen to aid planning applications to help local authorities policies towards building a sustainable environment.